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Welcome to Tilda's Website!

This website is all about Tilda the therapy dog

Tilda is a female German Shorthair Pointer mixed with Bloodhound. She adopted me at the Longmont, Colorado Humane Society 7 years ago and they estimated she was 6 years old at the time. So we just celebrated her 13th birthday. Tilda is a very special girl in that she appears to search for soulful connections with some people if the mood is right for both parties. I noticed this wonderful trait several years ago so took the steps to get her registered as a Pet Therapy Dog and she is now working at 4 local hospitals 4 days per week making visits as fast as she can.


She doesn't seem to tire of the frequency, but each day is only good for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, unless she has a super-serious concentrated connection with an individual, then she is pretty much finished after that affair. Hopefully this website will serve a good purpose as a method of sharing what I have witnessed in some unusual episodes Tilda has worked through. Some are very dramatic, others are interesting but yet confusing as to what she was doing.


Life Is Great With Tilda Dog

Tilmed1.jpgTilda and Daryl are a registered and approved Pet Therapy Dog team in good standing with Therapy Dog, Inc.  Daryl recently passed the requirements to be a Tester/Observer for Therapy Dog, Inc. so he might help other good dogs become Therapy Dogs.  As a dog and handler team, we have also been through the tests and enrollment procedures for the TAILS program at Longmont United Hospital in Longmont, Colorado, the Canine Corps program at Boulder Community Hospital in Boulder, Colorado , the Caring Canines program at the Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, Colorado and the Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville, Colorado.  Doing Therapy Dog work is very rewarding and most interesting and a pleasure to follow Tilda dog through her rounds.  It requires a good deal of time and some expense, but is well worth the effort many times over.  There is a new website that explains all about doing Therapy Dog work in Boulder County, Colorado.  There one can read about all the requirements for differing programs and even sign up for a program if you are interested in getting started with your dog.  You can view that website by clicking the following URL:


Tilda has 5 different vests of which she is required to wear a specific one at each of these locations and both of us have individual volunteer badges for each location.  She also has a vest for Therapy Dogs, Inc. which can be used at other facilities requiring that registration.  Needless to say, Tilda has her own suitcase of vests, collars, leashes, badges, folding water bowls, hair and lint removal rollers and doggy doo bags that travel with us at all times.

A Face to Remember Through All the Rest of My Days

The picture below is a capture of what I get to see every evening as I walk up the stairs from downstairs.  Tilda knows when it is dinnertime and she waits for me to arrive upstairs at the top of the stairs as if I were a child coming home from school.  When I was a young boy in northeast Kansas, I went to a rural school about one mile from home.  My dog Shep would wait for me to come home from school every day without a miss.  He would wait down by the creek right at the cornfield property line fence to my parents property.  Tilda does this same behavior which I know a lot of dogs do when they bond with their providers.  It is very special and always an upper to end the workday on a happy note.  It is one of the thrills of life to see that face as one is taking the first step up that last flight of stairs.  Of course when I get to the top step, Tilda is up with tail wagging and is always happy. I am such a lucky person to experience this greeting every day.


Tilda Has Crossed Over Her Rainbow Bridge

It is with a heavy heart full of fond memories to inform that our Tilda Dog has moved on to her next venture on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. She contracted some very aggressive cancer in late May, 2011 and on August 24th, 2011, at 3:05 pm MST she had to move onto her next assignment. This wonderful therapy dog accomplished some miraculous things in my presence of which many are documented in the "Tilda Dog Blogs" accessible from the main menu. I am so fortunate that she chose me to be her escort through all the adventures. ThankYou, Tilda, for being my friend and Thank You, Tilda, for touching the lives of hundreds of people during your short stay. We all will have you in our hearts forever!

Your Friend, Daryl Holle


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